Easter Egg Screensaver

Easter Egg Screensaver

Easter Egg Screensaver brings a colorful celebration to your desktop
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Easter is a worldwide celebration that takes different approaches in different countries.
In some places it is a very religious holiday, while in others, it is a fun day.
In the United States, it is common to celebrate with the family and kids, hiding the well-known Ester eggs. The whole family participates in the preparation, emptying the eggs to then paint them with many colors and hiding them in the garden for the children to try to find them.
Easter Egg Screensaver brings a colorful celebration to your desktop.
This pretty screensaver will allow you to continue Easter celebration all year long.
Everybody has seen those multicolored eggs hidden in the bushes and plants. When the kids go out and start looking for them is a moment of happiness that is enjoyed by all the family.
This screensaver will display several pictures of those highly decorated Easter eggs. You will be able to see them painted in just one solid color, with glitter, with lines and spots and more.
Probably, if you are an adult, you will even remember those happy days of your childhood when the grand prize was finding more eggs than your friends and cousins.
But that's it. The screensaver doesn't have any kind of festive music or sound effects. You will only see the images of the beautiful eggs, with nice transitions between them.
Still, it will probably be a nice addition to your collection of screensavers, and I am sure the kids will love it.

Fernando Soni
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  • Nice pictures


  • No sound
  • Can get boring
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